Ratu depo

The authors, creators and makers of the idea are us - Linda and Māris.

Initially, the idea of a store for newborns arose when our youngest son was very small in 2008.

Over the years, we have grown from a small shop into one of the leading children's stores in the Kurzeme region. We are located in the windy city of Liepāja, but we serve customers in the Baltic countries.

We distribute several well-known brands, among which are: Tutis, Espiro, Coletto, Babydesign, Lorita, Tuttolina, PUER, Heitmann Felle, Sunnybaby, Goki, Avionaut, etc.

Our online store is a site where you can buy everything you need for the upcoming baby, as well as items for older children.

Ratu Depot offers a wide range of baby carriages, car seats, clothes, toys, cribs, care accessories, feeding products, etc. in one place.

For your convenience, we constantly take care of expanding the range of products, as well as ensuring that all orders reach you on time and neatly packed.

We are happy for each of our customers.

You are awesome !!!

Sincerely, Linda and Maris.